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How to Bypass Originality.AI Detection

Originality.AI is one of the most widely-used AI detectors currently available, favored by many for its reputed precision. However, if you don't want your content to be flagged as AI-generated by Originality, you'll need to learn how to bypass its detection.

That's where this guide comes in! Below, we'll explore more about Originality.AI several proven methods to consistently bypass Originality.AI, including one method with a 100% reliability rate. So, let's dive in.

Make Your AI Writing Undetectable by Originality.AI

Discover Undetectable AI, the powerful tool that allows your AI writing to bypass the detection of Originality.AI and maintain authenticity.

Humanize AI Text with Undetectable AI

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Everything to Know About Originality.AI

Originality.AI is an AI detection tool. It was launched by Jon Gillham back in November of 2022 and originally designed to detect content made by GPT3, but has evolved over the years to detect content written by other AI tools, like GPT4 and Bard.


Originality.AI is powered by a natural language processing model to perform AI content detection. It was trained with a large amount of AI-generated and human-written text, enabling it to produce a probability score of how likely an input text was generated by AI.

Like other AI checkers, Originality.AI has a range of uses. It can appeal to teachers, business owners, bloggers, creative writers, and other users, offering reasonably precise AI detection capacities and marking each piece of text with a percentage score to determine exactly how human-like or AI-like it sounds.

Why Is It Helpful to Get Past Originality.AI Detection?

There are several different reasons why you might want to bypass Originality.AI detection:

Avoid Penalties and Punishments

This is not to encourage unethical behaviors. Oftentimes, AI checkers like Originality.AI make mistakes and give "false positives" for human-written text. If you can bypass Originality, you won't have to worry about penalties coming from persons or organizations using this tool to check your works.

Get Quality Content

Getting past detection of Originality.AI doesn't only mean making the text undetectable. It's also a good way to get rid of the awkward phrasing and baseless statements generated by AI. So you can get high quality content to publish online or use in other ways.

Rapid Content Creation

Bypassing Originality.AI detection will help you enjoy more freedom in using AI to assist your content creation. It will speed up your writing process, and streamline your bulk content creation.

How to Get Around AI Detection on Originality.AI

Now you know why bypassing Orginality.AI's detection can help you, and the next question will be "how?". Fortunately, there are quite a few different ways to do so. Below, we'll list the most effective methods to avoid having your content flagged as AI on Originality.AI.

Manual Way: Edit the Text Yourself

You can make manual changes to your AI-generated content to make it undetectable. But instead of endless edits and tests (which could happen if you don't know what to adjust), you can take a look at the following tips to make this process a little easier.

  • Tell Your Story: Adding personal experience to your AI-generated content is a good way to make it undetectable by Originality.AI, as no AI will know and generate about your own experience.
  • Use a Unique Voice: Try to develop a unique voice in your writing that sounds truly human and less robotic than the usual AI-generated content.
  • Add Idiomatic Expressions: Using idioms, slang, or colloquialisms that are specific to a language or region can make your text sound less like it's AI-generated.
  • Add Humor: This is another aspect that AI often struggles. Tell something funny and will make your text sound less like AI-generated.
  • Intentional Errors: This is a quick, but unrecommended way to humanize your AI text. Including some small grammar mistakes can make your text undetectable by Originality.AI, but it can also reduce its readability.

Automatic Way: Use an AI Humanizer Like Undetectable AI

The recommended way to get around Originality.AI's AI detection is by using an undetectable AI writer, like Undetectable AI. It is an AI tool that can humanize content without being detected by AI checkers like Originality.AI ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and so on. Everything can be done in a few clicks, and it will save you tons of time of manually editing.

Undetectable AI Sample

What's more, Undetectable AI doesn't do any kind of plagiarism, so there's no need to worry about being accused of copying other people's content using this tool. Plus, the output is guaranteed to be high quality. It comes with no errors, and maintains the original meaning well.

What Makes Undetectable AI Excel

  • 100% human content
  • Gets past all major AI detectors
  • No plagiarism whatsoever
  • SEO-friendly content to boost your Google rankings
  • Error-free output text
  • Built-in AI checker for your convenience

To Sum Up

Overall, the best way to get past Originality.AI is by using a trusted undetectable AI writer, like Undetectable AI. It's the easiest method, providing undetectable results every time and also helping you make high quality content very quickly, without needing to do manual edits or adjustments. Otherwise, you can also try editing manually to make your content sound more human.

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