• Undetectable AI - Best AI Humanizer Overall

  • Humbot - Best AI Humanizer for Beating Detection

  • AIHumanizer - Best AI Humanizer for Flexibility

  • BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer for Technology

  • HIX Bypass - Best AI Humanizer for Readability

  • Bypass AI - Best AI Humanizer for Features

  • AI Undetect - Best AI Humanizer for Adjustable Humanization Aggression

  • AIHumanize - Best AI Humanizer for Value

  • HumanizeAI - Best AI Humanizer for Beginners

  • AI Text Converter - Best AI Humanizer for Diverse Modes

  • Find Your Favorite AI Humanizer

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10 Best AI to Human Text Converters: Humanize AI Text for Free

If you want to be able to beat AI detectors – like Originality.AI and GPTZero – on a regular basis, you’ll need to find a trusted AI humanizer. They’re also vital for those who want to create human-sounding, authentic content with the aid of AI, and for many other purposes, for bloggers, students, and so on.

However, not every AI humanizer is made equal. They can vary in terms of quality, features, reliability, and even price. In this guide, we’ll cover 10 of the best AI humanizers you can count on to humanize AI text. All of the entries will also include some sort of free mode or trial, giving you the chance to test them out without any payment or commitment.

  1. Undetectable AI - Best AI Humanizer Overall
  2. Humbot - Best AI Humanizer for Beating Detection
  3. AIHumanizer - Best AI Humanizer for Flexibility
  4. BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer for Technology
  5. HIX Bypass - Best AI Humanizer for Readability
  6. Bypass AI - Best AI Humanizer for Features
  7. AI Undetect - Best AI Humanizer for Adjustable Humanization Aggression
  8. AIHumanize - Best AI Humanizer for Value
  9. HumanizeAI - Best AI Humanizer for Beginners
  10. AI Text Converter - Best AI Humanizer for Diverse Modes

Undetectable AI - Best AI Humanizer Overall


The first entry in our AI humanizer rankings is Undetectable AI. With its state-of-the-art humanization technology, this AI to human text converter is the most efficient and effective tool on the market. It's one of the only AI humanizers that can help you get a perfect 100% human score on all major detectors, from Originality to GPTZero.

Undetectable AI is also a very versatile tool with a lot of features. It offers a trio of humanization modes to help you get the exact kind of results you want, as well as providing super fast processing times to help you when you’re in a rush. It even works in dozens of languages, and it never copies or plagiarizes other people’s work.

Above and beyond all that, this AI humanizer also has time-saving features, such as built-in AI detection. Plus, it works in dozens of different languages, making it ultra-useful for people all over the globe. Whether you’re a student, a business owner, a marketer, or someone else, you can count on Undetectable AI to help you get human-sounding AI content in seconds.

Does Undetectable AI effectively humanize AI-generated text? Below, we subject the humanized text from Undetectable AI to various AI detection tools. The results unequivocally demonstrate its efficacy in humanizing AI text and bypassing AI detection.



  • Flawless humanization technology to bypass any detector
  • Built-in AI detection to save you time and hassle
  • Delivers keyword-rich humanized content for better SEO
  • Retains the original meaning of the text
  • Removes ChatGPT watermarks
  • Great value for money


  • Free version is a little limited

Beat Originality.AI and other detectors every time with Undetecable AI.

Humbot - Best AI Humanizer for Beating Detection


Originality.AI. GPTZero. ZeroGPT. Copyleaks, Content at Scale. Winston. Turnitin. There are lots of AI detectors out there these days. But Humbot can beat every single one of them. Testing shows that this is consistently one of the most powerful AI humanizer tools available, regularly receiving flawless 100% human scores on even the best detectors.

Speedy, reliable, and powerful, Humbot has a lot of advantages. It also produces top quality, plagiarism-free content that you can easily submit, post, or share without fear of penalties or punishments. Plus, you’ll save lots of time with this tool’s built-in AI scans – it automatically runs your text through multiple checkers to see if it passes as AI or human.


  • Easily beats all major AI detection platforms
  • Provides high quality text with almost no editing ever needed
  • Built-in AI scanning for your convenience


  • Limited free plan

Beat every detector with the power of Humbot.

AIHumanizer - Best AI Humanizer for Flexibility


AIHumanizer is another top quality AI humanizer you can use to convert AI text to human text in mere seconds. It’s super fast, reliable, and wonderfully flexible. This is all thanks to its three different bypass modes, which are entitled Fast, Creative, and Enhanced. Each of these modes works differently, but they all produce high quality, human-grade content.

The Fast mode is perfect for rapid results. Creative is useful when you want to make bigger, broader changes to your text. Finally, Enhanced is helpful for more complex topics, or when you’re trying to beat a particularly stubborn detector. AIHumanizer also offers 100% plagiarism-free humanization, as well as multilingual support and a free mode for new users.


  • Three different bypass modes to suit your needs
  • Great value for money
  • A versatile tool for students, bloggers, marketers, and more


  • You need to pay to humanize large pieces of text

Try AIHumanizer and experiment with multiple bypass modes.

BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer for Technology


BypassGPT is the next entry in our list of the leading AI to human text converter platforms. This one stands out for its powerful technology. Built on industry-leading AI algorithms and incredible natural language modeling, BypassGPT is remarkably adept at humanizing AI text in just the right way to beat detectors.

It doesn’t indulge in plagiarism, nor will it detract from the original meaning or message of your text. Instead, it makes smart and logical changes to improve the quality and help you bypass detectors like Originality.AI and GPTZero. Plus, it has multiple bypass modes, support for lots of languages, and built-in AI detection.


  • Works with AI-generated text from GPT4, ChatGPT, Gemini, and more
  • Can help you get a 100% human score
  • Very easy to work with, even for beginners


  • Monthly prices are considerably higher than annual rates

Use BypassGPT for flawless AI to human text conversion.

HIX Bypass - Best AI Humanizer for Readability


HIX Bypass is also worth consideration when you want to convert AI to human text with ease. One of the best things about this tool is the quality of the content that it produces. It uses clever natural language modeling techniques to create content that is readable, engaging, and informative, just like something written by a professional human writer.

As well as making high quality, error-free, and plagiarism-free content, HIX Bypass is more than capable of beating all leading detectors. It can enhance and optimize your text to be more SEO-friendly, as well, while also providing built-in AI detection scanning to quickly and easily show you how AI (or how human) a passage sounds.


  • Produces top quality content every time
  • Multiple bypass modes to play around with
  • Different pricing plans for all budgets


  • Not the cheapest AI humanizer

Enjoy flawless human content with HIX Bypass.

Bypass AI - Best AI Humanizer for Features


Next, meet Bypass AI. Not only is this a sleek and well-designed AI humanizer for converting AI to human text, but it's also filled with features and functions. For example, it has three bypass models, including the Simple mode for quickfire humanization and the Enhanced mode when dealing with longer and more complex passages.

Users of Bypass AI can also benefit from plagiarism-free text, built-in AI detection, and the ability to get perfect 100% human scores in a range of detectors. It also helps you steer clear of spam filters on sites like Google, and it works in lots of languages – more than 50 of them, to be precise.


  • Lots of features and functions
  • Works on all major AI detection platforms
  • Speedy processing times for rapid results


  • Much more expensive if you pay annually instead of monthly

Beat detectors without losing meaning with Bypass AI.

AI Undetect - Best AI Humanizer for Adjustable Humanization Aggression


AI Undetect is a popular AI to human text converter that d claims to be able to bypass all leading AI detection tools. It does this through advanced humanization and paraphrasing models that allow it to rewrite and transform text from AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Gemini

A great feature of AI Undetect is its adjustable aggression levels. Before you use this AI humanizer, you can select from three different humanization levels: Emotional, Formal, or Casual. This gives you control over how big and serious the changes are in the output text, helping you make either major changes or just light adjustments, depending on your needs.


  • Adjustable aggression to help you bypass different detectors
  • Simple and easy to understand interface
  • Doesn’t usually make typos or grammar errors


  • Struggles against certain detectors
  • Sometimes requires manual input and editing

AIHumanize - Best AI Humanizer for Value


Aimed at students and professional users alike, AIHumanize is notable for its value for money. It has a handy free trial for new users to test the waters, as well as relatively cheap pricing plans starting as low as just $8.99.

You can also top up your word limit on-demand if you need to, and even the high-end pricing plan isn't too expensive when compared to other tools. Aside from that, AIHumanize is a simple but effective AI to human text converter. It can help you bypass most detectors, with fast speeds and support for multiple languages.


  • Good value for money
  • Produces original, not copied content
  • Suitable for a wide range of users


  • Produces mixed results
  • Rarely gets a 100% human score

HumanizeAI - Best AI Humanizer for Beginners


If you’re just getting started with AI humanization and looking for a tool that won’t confuse or complicate things, try HumanizeAI. It’s a simple and sleek AI humanizer aimed mainly at beginner users who don’t have much experience, as well as those who don’t need or want lots of advanced features and multiple modes.

Taking things back to basics, this AI humanizer has a minimalistic design and fluid interface. You just paste your text into the box and then get a humanized result a few moments later. If the result doesn't meet your expectations, just click on the "Use Again" button and it will provide an alternative humanized text.


  • Interface is very easy to navigate
  • Really easy for beginners to work with
  • Generous free trial


  • Lacks advanced tools and features
  • Doesn’t always bypass detection

AI Text Converter - Best AI Humanizer for Diverse Modes


AI Text Converter is another AI to human text converter, designed to help users enjoy the benefits of undetectable AI content. It claims to convert AI text into 100% human form. Additionally, it offers a range of diverse modes for users to try.

In addition to its humanize AI text tool, AI Text Converter also offers a Zero GPT tool to check for AI, and a Bypass GPT tool to help make AI text bypass AI detection. Moreover, AI Text Converter works in many languages and aims to produce original content.


  • A useful tool for students
  • Lots of modes and functions
  • Free to get started


  • Much more expensive than other tools
  • Doesn’t always live up to its claims and hype

Find Your Favorite AI Humanizer

So, whether you’re a blogger, a business user, a student, or someone else looking to evade AI detection, these are the tools for you to use. They’re all free to start off with, so you can test them out with a short passage of text to see what they can do. Then, it’s simply a matter of weighing up the pros and cons to find your favorite.

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